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Outlook 2002: Auto-Enter of Multiple Password

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Dear list,

I have just migrated from WinXP to Vista and found out that Outlook 2002 does not save account passwords in the new OS. A Web page suggests that AutoIt can be used to plant passwords for me. I am sorry to say this but this is the first time I ever heard of "Windows scripting" (or any kind of programming to be honest...). If anyone could write a script for me, I will be IMMENSELY grateful. :)

The backgrounds for my request are:

1. Nothing can convince Outlook 2002 on Vista to remember passwords, I think. So what I would like to use AutoIt for is a workaround.

2. Currently, every time I exit the program, Outlook 2002 "forgets" account passwords.

3. When I click Send/Receive Icon in the main window, Enter Network Password windows open as many times as the number of the account I have registered.

4. Each Enter Network Password window has proper values in "Server" and "User" fields.

5. "Password" field is blank.

6. Upon providing the correct password and clicking OK button, I can send and receive emails for this account until I exit and bring up the program next time.

Details of my request:

A. Make AutoIt plant the correct password for each combination of server and user field values.

B. [i am not really sure if it is possibly but...] upon planting the password field, auto-submit the information so Outlook can proceed to contact the mail servers.

I hope I am not asking too much but I would really apprecite you guys for your input.



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