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Creating a ticker

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I have searched this forum quite a bit and I can't find a conclusive answer to what I am trying to do. I am trying to create a ticker that will be on top of all the windows. I also wanted it to be on top of the screen but not covering the "title" bar. Here is a picture of what I am trying to accomplish:

Posted Image

Is this possible through AutoIT?

Thanks in advance!

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If I understand you right (your picture helps :) ), you're trying to create a window that shrinks the available desktop dimensions so that a maximized window will not cover it. None of the native AutoIt functions allow you to create a Windows Toolbar (it may have a more accurate name) like this, though you may be able to find a dll function you could call by searching MSDN.

There are many more qualified people than I who could tell you for sure if such a function exists.

However, you COULD manually create a blank windows toolbar so the space is 'reserved', then create a GUI that completely and fully covers the toolbar:

Create and position the Windows Toolbar:

-Right-click your taskbar and under "Toolbars" choose "New Toolbar".

-Point it at a blank folder

-Unlock your taskbar (right-click and uncheck "Locl Taskbar")

-Grab the toolbar by the handle, then drag it to the side of your desktop you want it to reserve space on

-Right-click the toolbar and choose "Always on top" and make sure "auto-hide" is unchecked.

Now you've got the space reserved on your desktop.

You'll need to create your ticker GUI to exactly match the dimensions and placement of the toolbar, and set it to be always on top (or possibly make it a child window of the toolbar, but I've never tried that to know if that would work, or if it's possible). Now your ticker should always be 'above' the title bars of maximized windows (if you've positioned it according to your picture), and the toolbar *shouldn't* cover your ticker, unless focus is given to the toolbar somehow, in which case it will pop above your "always on top" window. You might need to add a check for that condition into your script that re-activates your ticker GUI, if it's no longer above the toolbar.

Please note I haven't tried this method - it just seems like it might work. I'm spitballing here (as I mentioned, there are many more qualified people on this forum who might be able to help you better than I, but I'm giving it my best shot). Keep us posted here - I'd love to see what you end up with!

Good luck! ^_^

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