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I need help please

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Ok ive been trying to get this to work for about 3hours now. Im trying to download this and use it for World of Warcraft. But when i download it i only get a install icon on my desktop and when i click it it says its going to install again. I went threw the files also and still cant figure out how to work it. I checked the help files and everything but im still clueless. My friend also has this program and said all he had to do was download it and it came up with an icon to run it. Is there somthing im doing wrong? Im so clueless at this point. Any help would be great. : )

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At this point, I have nothing to say.

But, at the same time I want to say this: "Does this have anything to do with AutoIt?"

If it's not your script, get the source code (ask him for it), post it here and maybe we can help.

I do beleive this forum is for coding Help/Support.

Try posting in the Chat area if this has nothing to do with AutoIt!

tolle indicium

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