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Writing HKEY_CURRENTUSER reg keys

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Hi All

I am trying to write entries (to HKEY_CURRENT_USER) as the users logon, they do NOT have local Admins. If I use a RunAsSet it attempts to write to the admin current user keys. How do I write to the users Current User keys.... any ideas?

Thanks for looking

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I don't know what you've tried or what your script is attempting because you didn't post them.

One thing to keep in mind is that the hives for all logged-in Users are loaded under HKEY_USERS.

Any admin account should be able to make the changes there directly. (Use RunAsSet, but instead of editing HKCU, edit HKU\<User-SID>)

Or, are you trying to run a process for each user? (Startup folder/Run key, etc...)

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