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Mouseclick with different Screenresolutions

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I have an annoying Problem. If I use Mouseclicks for installing/configuration Jobs sometimes the Mouse doesn't hit the right spot if the PC doesn't use the same Screen-Resolution as the PC where I programmed it.

I do use Opt("MouseCoordMode", 0) to only use the relative coords of the active window, but it still doesn't work most of the time. :)

While I try to avoid Mouseclicks, some programms simply don't let them install with keypresses only, so working around is not enough.

Many Thanks in Advance,


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Try to get the Control ID's and use ControlSend, ControlClick, etc...

UseAU3Info.exe (AutoIt v3 Window Info Tool) to identify the controls, or if they're not recognized you may need to use PixelSearch to "look" at the window.

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