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GUI_ACCEPTFILES in combo boxes

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It seems that the GUI_ACCEPTFILES style does not currently work with combo boxes, even if the compo style is CBS_DROPDOWN instead of CBS_DROPDOWNLIST.

Ad in CBS_DROPDOWN mode the combo basically behaves as an edit box, I think that it would make a lot of sense to make GUI_ACCEPTFILES work with combo boxes too.

Could that be done?



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drag&drop only work with control that can have input change so Combo it is not of this classes just selection possible :)


Actually _it is_ possible to change (by typing) the text in the combo box. To do so you must change the style from CBS_DROPDOWNLIST to CBS_DROPDOWN. If found out about this on the AutoIt help file (styles section).

So in theory it should be possible to do (or at least it looks like it!)


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