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Mythwar Skill spamming/(skill repeating)

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As we can all see im new here, And i was told that this was the best place to come for Script Help,

Well basicly Im not sure if u guys already know but On the game Mythwar online After you finish Mokka (orange rank) you need to start spamming you skills U are able to do the first four skills Because they are easy and dont take up much MP So u can go AFK for a while then return to top up your MP But the stronger Skills requier alot more MP/Attention meaning every 40-60seconds ure gonna need to top up on MP Which takes away to much time etc, Basicly i need a Scrip for autoIt to Activate Skills (im not sure how this will work with activating all the skills down the list) And Use MP Pots + Which is availible By Clicking the Blue icon of a jar next to charater info during battle, I think Maybe i can Activate the skill i want it to use then Activate the script to take action but then there is a problem of setting skill again :\ lol i would do this myself trust me but i dont know how to create scripts and stuff, maybe somone should download the game (free) and Check out the battle system What we need to do is Reapeat skills, for humans its easy they do Enimie effects like Hypno and the rest of the classes use Skills like Mage uses fire, so they will need human in the party to use Stun so there skills will not take of any HP towards the enimies, so i need to repeat skills (i am human)


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