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How do I get script to not pause?

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While 1 ; Start While loop

$msg = GUIGetMsg ()


Case $msg = -3


Case $msg = $alogin ; Start Username and Password Login Case


IniDelete(@DesktopDir & "\fantasylogin.ini", "Username", "Key1") ; Delete Username and Password Section

IniDelete(@DesktopDir & "\fantasylogin.ini", "Password", "Key2")

IniWriteSection($sIni, "Username", "Key1=" & Guictrlread ($Username)) ; Write Username and Password Section

IniWriteSection($sIni, "Password", "Key2=" & GUICtrlRead ($Password))

$oIE = _IECreate("www.nfl.com/fantasy") ; Go to site and log in.

$oForm = _IEFormGetCollection($oIE, 0)

$Username1 = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($oForm, "Account")

$Password1 = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($oForm, "password")

_IEFormElementSetValue($Username1, GUICtrlRead ($Username))

_IEFormElementSetValue($Password1, GUICtrlRead ($Password))




In the above code, how do I make it so when it logs in once, you can log in again after that if you want.

Right now i'm having trouble with the whole script pausing because of hitting one button, none of the other buttons will work, and the script icon says "script paused".

Any help would be appreciated, feel free to tell me what to look up in the help file. :-P

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