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StringRegExp problem

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Well it has been some time since i used autoit. Im running the latest official release (not BETA) and windows Vista. I run this simple test code :

#include <INet.au3>

$temp = _INetGetSource('www.autoitscript.com')

$array =  StringRegExp($temp,'href(.*?)>',1)


Well if you check the source code yourself you will see that this pattern exists quite many times in there. But the result i get is always 1 which means it stops on first occurence.

I have also tried '(?i)href(.*?)(?i)>' at search pattern but no luck. First time with this command but either something is wrong or im completely idiot.

PS i have executed the example code of StringRegExp and the result is the same . Although ubound should show 3 it is 1 again.

Any ideas?

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$array = StringRegExp($temp,'href(.*?)>',3)

Edit: grr... Too slow

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