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ControlGetText - MSFlexGridWndClass

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I am having a problem trying to get ControlGetText to return text from Grids.

Here is Control Information of the Grid:

>>>> Control <<<<

Class: MSFlexGridWndClass

Instance: 1

ClassnameNN: MSFlexGridWndClass1



Position: 285, 366

Size: 480, 80

ControlClick Coords: 189, 46

Style: 0x54000000

ExStyle: 0x00000000

Handle: 0x00010184


Example Code:


$HEX = "0x00010184"

$text = ControlGetText ( "", "", HWnd($HEX) )

MsgBox(0, "Text read from Control Handle:" & HWnd($HEX) & " was:", $text)


In my real code I pass $HEX in as a parameter instead of hard coding it. When I use this approach it has worked for other controls I interact with, but no luck so far for this.

Any feedback wold be great.



EDIT: I posted this in the general help forum - I realized it probably should not have been in this GUI section.

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