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Another NuBee looking for help

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I would be grateful for any help. I am new to any type of script writing or programming and I have been working with Autoit for just a few days. It's a great tool, but I'm just not getting it yet. The tutorial helped get me started, and examples are good, but I think I should have been able to get this by now. I will keep at it, but in case anyone is feeling charitable, I have my outline of what I'm trying to do below. Also, if there are additional tutorials, I would love to try them. Thanks !

Step 1. Message box "Have you done this?"

Step 2. Then

Step 3. Message box "Have you done this other thing?"

Step 4. Then

Step 5. Dialog box "Type in file number"

Step 6. Then the program looks for (notepad) "txt" file in a specific directory.

Step 7. If false - Message box "can't find file, please check number and try again.

Step 8. If true - move or copy file to specific directory and rename txt file to "DSC600.par"

Step 9. Then run executable file in same directory.

Step 10.WinWaitend (dont have the title yet)

Step 11.Then copy or move file "DSC600.ver" from this same directory to another specific directory and rename to file number from line 5 as "_____.txt"

Step 12. Then open renamed file with notepad.

Step 13. Message box "Please review this file for errors and exit program"

Step 14. end

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