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Runescape smart-autominer help..

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Well I've made a couple of smart-autoers *fighting & firemaking*, now I'm making one for rune essence. It can succesfully walk back and forth between the bank and the essence, find the portal, get the teleport, etc. Problem is that when I teleport to the mine, I've got my script placing my mouse in the middle of the screen and rotating the camera until it finds the cyan text on the corner of the rs screen. I don't know why, but it never finds the colour, I've tried high and low rs settings, but neither work.

Is there something I'm missing?

Here's the code of the findEss() function:

func findEss()
    $camDown = 0
        $camDown = $camDown + 1
    Until $camDown > 200
    $foundRune = PixelSearch(461,121,973,454,0x01C0C0) 
    While 1
        $foundRune = PixelSearch(461,121,973,454,0x01C0C0)
        if IsArray($foundRune) = 1 Then
            exitloop 1
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Well I found out that PixelSearch() only finds the pixel that the cursor hovers over (at least as far as I've used it), plus, the cya colour constantly changes due to the shading of the essence. I'm working on rightclicking for the cyan colour so I guess this thread is solved....

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can i please try your bots? ;D it sound too good to be true, i've been seaching alldaylong just to find working bots.

i'll pm you too, ;D

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