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Is there a way to stop all IE scripts running on a page?

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I'm currently making a program called Thread Bumper..

What the program does is take sites I put input into the GUI and go to them and run a script which bumps a thread with a post, then deletes the post.

The Site is http://www.battle.net/forums/board.aspx?Fo...ame=sc2-general

The above site is the Starcraft 2 official forum. The problem is Blizzard entertainment is using a 10 year old forum currently, and asking for discussion and suggestions.

A few people, under many names, for whatever reason, keep spamming the forum often to try and kill it.

I need help with my program, I've got it so it does everything I want it to, however, these guys have a way to spam threads and crash them so no new posts are shown on them, and it causes a script error in the web page. I need to know if there is code to end all script running on an IE window immediately before carrying out my script. Is it possible?

If you have any other ideas, please tell me. :-P

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