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DllCall (waveOutGetVolume)

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It would be something like

$err = DllCall("Winmm", "int", "waveOutGetVolume", "int", 0, "long", $vol)

but I've just tried it and it doesn't seem to work...

Does anyone else know whether you can pass values by reference to dlls using dllcall? Cos that's what would need to happen for this particular API call to work...

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$err = DllCall("Winmm", "int", "waveOutGetVolume", "int", 0, "long", $vol)


$vol = "" ;empty string :-(

$err[0] = 11

$err[1] = 0

$err[2] = 0

But I would for $vol a value (0 - 100)

Sorry, which my English is so bad. I come from Switzerland ;-)

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