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Problems with Send() and EQ2

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I was wondering if anyone has run into the problem with the Send() function not working with EQ2. I Tried to run this simple script and nothing happens. This is just an attempt to get any kind of response out of the script. Also, the WinActivate() Function works fine. If anyone can provide help, thanks in advance.

WinActivate("EverQuest II (")




Send('w', 1)

Send("w", 1)

ControlSend("EverQuest II (", '' , '', 'w')

ControlSend("EverQuest II (", '' , '', "w")

ControlSend("EverQuest II (", '' , '', 'w', 1)

ControlSend("EverQuest II (", '' , '', "w", 1)

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I don't think that is the problem. Other macro programs work with it and there have been a few that haven't. Also there are a few posts and samples that use Send().

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