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notepad trouble

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Hi here a simple problem to someone who knows.

when i run these two lines why is it that notepad can't fine the file ?

notepad can't find the path specified

; the variable $installdrive is the drive letter ie c:

$varwin = @WindowsDir

Run($varwin & "\Notepad.exe $installdrive & \Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\readme.txt ","", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

any idears ?

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Your installdrive variable is inside the string, it should be something like

Run($varwin & "\Notepad.exe " & $installdrive & "\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\readme.txt ","", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

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remember, strings are in quotes, variables and @macros are not, concatinate with &







$variable & "Quote" & "c:\mydrive" & @Mday & @crlf

Not so good

"$variable & Quote" & "@Mday c:\mydrive"

c:\mydrive & "$variable @Mday"

ExpandEnvStrings and ExpandVarStrings options change the rules a bit, but get in the habit of doing it the normal way.

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