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PSPad syntax and context files

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I like PSPad and I am quite new to Autoit3.

I have realized that there are much newer autoit3 def and ini files ( 11/2007 )

in Autoit package, compared to PSPAd one.

They are almost twice as big files as in PSPad one ( 2006 + 2004 ).

( compared latest version in date of writing )

I do not know why authors of these files do not offer them to PSPas author

to include them in PSPas package...

BTW there is some problem with these new files in pspad 453, old pspad ones works fine.

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We have looked at many editors and I ended up writing a Lexer for SciTE and creating an installer for that editor.

There is also a "lite" version of SciTE4AutopIt3 included in the AutoIt3 installer.

Just the fact that you say the current PSPad definitions are old and not work anymore is probably an indication that PSPad isn't used a lot for AutoIt3 scripting purposes. I use PSPad regularly myself but not for AutoIt3 scripting.

We have a script that generates the definition files which should keep them up-to-date. if you can indicate whats wrong maybe we can update the script.


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First, thanks for your kind and prompt reply.

Well, I have installed even full SciTE4AutoIt3 in Autoit,

but seems for me not easy to have nice learning curve for that.

In the start I want to fight against scripts only,

not both scripts and editor... :-)

Not skilled yet to help you debug anything..

Maybe after some learning :-)

Files in PSPad are old, but in Autoit are fresh....

And old pspad files works least better than new ones,

according to PSP code explorer.

Libor aka Poutnik

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