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mysql UDF and VDECK

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Does anyone have any experience using the mysql UDF with a website using the VDECK control panel? The mysql connect function is not connecting properly even though my login info is configured properly. I believe this is due to my website refusing connections from anyone but localhost.

My question is this: does anyone know where to find the options in vdeck to allow my website to accept connections from other computers? I looked everywhere in the admin panel and couldn't find it. I remember doing this on a website with cpanel but I haven't encountered this with VDECK yet.

edit: after a bit of reading I'm not 100% that this may be the problem, although it's likely. Anyone know why the connection is refused even though the info provided (user, pass, db, host) is correct?

edit2: the port being used by my host and the port in the mysql udf are the same, no error there

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