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Sim City 4 Macro.. NOT WORKING!? ='(

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Hello everyone!

I am VERY new to AutoIT.. Look's like a amazing program!

Now, I would like to use it in this fashon.

(I need it to do the following)

Window is Called "SimCity 4"

Hit CTRL - SHIFT - ALT - X to open the "cheat" console

Type "weaknesspays" into the box

and repeat..

Now, If you hold SHIFT the "cheat box" stays open, otherwise it closes when cheat is activated.


HotkeySet('{ESC}', 'Terminate')

WinWaitActive('SimCity 4')

While 1

WinActivate('SimCity 4')






Func Terminate()




Found this on the Forum already.

The HotKey "ESC" did NOT work.. :)

Thanks in advance guys!? =)

Running V3

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