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exit code 3 / ncdimdef

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I try to move and store many files and directories. I also call a DLL to create new files from data in existing files. Very recently, my script stops too early with the following message:


ncdimdef: NC_UNLIMITED size already in use: dimension "point_number" (index 8)

>Exit code: 3 Time: 481.490


I could not find a list of exit codes yet, so what does exit code 3 mean?

the line above the exit code (ncdimdef: ...) is a complete mystery to me. Can anybody explain this? is it coming from AutoIt3?

I have quite many ConsoleWrites in the script, so I know approx where this happens: it is around the call to a DLL (written in C). As I didn't write the DLL, I cannot say anything about its inner workings. For quite a while, while developing my script, all went very well. I have no idea where to look for the problem: are my data files too long, too many? could it be an error in the script which the syntax check doesn't catch?

environment: script runs under NT4, the files sit on a machine with XPH (SP2), connected through a local network

Thanks for any help!


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Post your "problem reproducing" script.

I also saw exitcodes table somewhere in older AutoIt DOC sources - look at Download/Archive section.

Thanks for your interest in my problem. By now, I believe strongly that the strange message is caused by the dll (which uses quite a large software package by itself (which makes it practically impossible to run my script in an other environment)).

Remains the question of the exit code: I still could not find them. Can you give me a cue?

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Exit Code 3 means whatever the author meant it to mean. If the error is coming from the dll then you would have to ask the author of the dll.

If on the otherhand it's coming from AutoIts DllCall() function then

Error code 3 means "function" not found in the DLL file."

or from DllStructCreate

Error Code 3 means "Failed to allocate the memory needed for the struct, or Pointer = 0."

For StructGetData or StructSetData it's

"index would be outside of the struct."

This is the reason for requesting code to reproduce the error. BTW: all of the error code return values I listed are in the help file.


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