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Question about Messenger Service in XP

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I have a problem and I hope that AutoIt3.0.103 can be used to fix it because that's what I use. Here's is the situation:

I am logged on as an administrator on a Windows XP Pro machine.

I like being able to receive important messages from the server about crashes.

I like to be able to receive important messages from people.

I DON'T like being mail bombed.

Some genius thought they would use a batch file to send me around 750 or more messages automatically. I.E. net send CTM-19 hi

I'm not sure exactly how. Anyway, to close the message box you have to click OK because the message box is deactivated everytime you have the focus on OK and hit enter. It is also deactivated when you click on OK.

The script below works but not fast enough and is flaky.

WinWait("Messenger Service")

While WinExist("Messenger Service")

WinClose("Messenger Service")


Any ideas? Can AutoIt shutdown the Messenger Service? Maybe also restart it?

I don't know. Thanks in advance. The Tech Guy

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