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Hi, I was wanting to know if there's a way to run more then 1 function at the same time.

Ex. Code


Func Example()
;I want the code in this function to run over and over while func timer is going.

Func Timer()
    $begin = TimerInit()
    If $begin > 3000 Then

Even if theres a way to combine the time and the function together, I still want to run another function along with those functions at the same time. Any help is appreciated. :)



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When I use AdlibEnable, it just closes and does that make you able to run more then 1 function at same time?

Heres a Ex. code where I want it to say 1 and press enter over and over. What did I do wrong?


Func test1()
Send( "1{ENTER}")

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First of all: it will always process only one thing at a time.

Now if you want the Test1() to be polled during running of notepad you will have to make sure the script keeps on running ... it currently just ends after adlibenable()

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