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Q: PixelSearch with shade-variation

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Global $Area1X = 2750
Global $Area1Y = 100
Global $Area2X = 775
Global $Area2Y = 350
Global $Color = 0x754F20


$Coord = PixelSearch( $Area1X, $Area1y, $Area2X, $Area2y, $Color, 10,)
    $CoordError = @Error
    If $CoordError <> 1 then
        MouseMove ( $Coord[0], $Coord[1], 1 )
        sleep (2000)
        MsgBox(0, "Color Found:", $Coord[0] & "," & $Coord[1])
    ;MsgBox(0, "Color Error:", "Unable to Locate Color")
        MouseMove ( 200, 100, 2 )
        sleep (1500)
        MouseMove ( 850, 350, 2 )        

What I did was create a small rectangle of that color in photoshop, made sure it was my active window and within the borders of the search box.

However it will not find the color.


It appears that I am able to find some colors?

Is it just me, or is the search a bit buggy? Is there a range of colors that it's happier with?

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