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ws - Simple Wallpaper Selector

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Played around with alien13's wallpaper chooser code and added some more to it:

-when script loads, automatically preview the .bmp file that's found on [settings] ini section

-ini file now has


-this section contains 'favorite' wallpapers which the script will load

-added registry writing and the actual wallpaper changing code when you click Save

-Save button also updates the ini file (deletes the

and rewrites it from scratch)

-after browsing (adding new wallpaper), automatically goes to the last item in list and preview it

-changed Cancel to Close

-when ini file not found, it'll complain but won't crash. Must choose a .bmp and click Save to remedy

Don't know how but would be nice to have:

-Double clicking the item in listbox would automatically preview

-Moving through listbox items via up/down arrow would automatically preview

-Pressing [Enter] would be the same as clicking [save] button

Enjoy and thanks.

Comments and additions are welcome.


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