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Activate 'Minimized to Tray' Item

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I am using a tray-minimizer (on XP) called '4t Tray Minimizer'. It works well.

I'm trying to write an AU3 script which will restore the window of a particular app (UltraExplorer).

The script works fine if I've minimized the app normally. It will also restore the window if I've 'minimized' to tray...BUT, a tray icon persists, and if I try 'minimize to tray' at that point it won't work (although normal minimize-to-taskbar works).

I guess I need to kill the systray icon somehow but I'm not clear on how to do that...the Tray stuff seems to be about creating my own tray icons, not polling/killing ones created by external apps.

Any help most appreciated. Here's my current script:

$WinTitle = "UltraExplorer"

If WinGetState($WinTitle) = 23 Then ;WinState = minimized to Taskbar


Else ;WinState usually = 5, minimized to SysTray

;I've tried all three of the below commands, alone and in combination, but results are the same - UltraExplorer restores, but won't minimize to tray again, and SysTray icon persists


;WinSetState($WinTitle, "", @SW_ENABLE)

;WinSetState($WinTitle, "", @SW_RESTORE)


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