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need help plz

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hi all

i writing script of auto winaudit.exe to check licence in cliend's pc and send mail(result) back to server.

but i have problem of autoit script,

after i call winaudit.exe i cant use command Winwait or Winwaitactive.

and when i save and send email back to my mail-box i cant write script of it

I wanted to know if there was A way to write script of it,

winaudit.exe was attached

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Call me "Queen of Pain" :)

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...but what would you want us to do with the attached EXE ?

I think we need the script source to be able to help you ... :)

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Looks like you should be able to use the commandline options to create the output file after which its easy to Email with _InetSmtpMailCom() available in the Examples forum ...:)

WinAudit Freeware v2.16
WinAudit command line usage:

WinAudit /h /r=report /o=format /f=file /u=user /p=pwd /e="extensions" /l=logfile /m=msg /L=Language

/h  Show this help message and exit.

/r  Report content, sections are identified by letters.

    See help documentation for examples.

/o  Output format: CSV, HTML, HTMLi, ODBC, PDF, TEXT, TEXTt, TEXTu

/f  Output file or data source name.

/u  User name for database login.

/p  Password for database login or PDF protection.

/e  Quoted list of file extensions to find on local hard drives.

/l  Log file path.

/m  Administrator message shown on audit box.

/L  Set language (two letter ISO code).

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