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Sound.au3 _Soundlength doesnt work

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My problem is that when i call _soundlength in the example script it says that the driver isnt responding properly. but when i run a compiled exe ( made 3 months ago) that uses the soundlength function just a minute after the script said the driver isnt working the compiled exe shows me a msgbox with the duration of a certian song.

The error description that the example script returns is : "There is problems with the unitdriver. The driver is closed. It aint possible to get acces to the error" ( roughly translated from danish to english.

So how can it be that my script says the driver isn't working but the compiled file works just fine ?

Thanks in advance

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How come it still doesn't work for me? It returns 0:00:00 or an empty string.

mmmm maybe line 5 is wrong ? :P

(or post the problem script you have and I can have a look :) )

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