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Help working with GridObject

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OK, here's my next puzzle. Thanks to all who have helped so far. AutoIt is a very powerful tool!

In this particular web page I have a grid control that users can enter data into certain cells.

My goal is to loop through the cells in a column & get the formula from the cell.

Let's say Column A has the account and column B has the formula.

I have managed to get the formula since it is also shown in another text box control.

However, from this selected cell, I also need the data in the first column from it's row.

How do I do this? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Here's the code for the grid object.

<OBJECT class=grid id=GridObject style="VISIBILITY: visible; WIDTH: 886px; HEIGHT: 171px" codeBase=assets/itGrid6.cab#version=2,0,0,2 align=baseline border=0 classid=clsid:976FFD05-FBA6-44EA-8C41-A4F0FD453395><PARAM NAME="_ExtentX" VALUE="23442"><PARAM NAME="_ExtentY" VALUE="4524"><PARAM NAME="AllowBigSelection" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="AllowExtendedSelection" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="AllowUserMove" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="AllowUserResize" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="Appearance" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="AutoResize" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="AutoResizeMethod" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="AutoUpdateRows" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="BackColor" VALUE="-2147483643"><PARAM NAME="BackColorAlt" VALUE="16777215"><PARAM NAME="BackColorBkg" VALUE="16777215"><PARAM NAME="BackColorFixed" VALUE="6852238"><PARAM NAME="BackColorHighlightAlways" VALUE="-2147483635"><PARAM NAME="BackColorSel" VALUE="-2147483635"><PARAM NAME="BorderStyle" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="Cols" VALUE="38"><PARAM NAME="DefaultColWidth" VALUE="64"><PARAM NAME="Editable" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="Enabled" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="ExplorerBar" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="ExtendLastCol" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="FixedCols" VALUE="1"><PARAM NAME="FixedRows" VALUE="3"><PARAM NAME="FocusRect" VALUE="3"><PARAM NAME="FocusEntireRow" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="ForeColor" VALUE="-2147483640"><PARAM NAME="ForeColorFixed" VALUE="16777215"><PARAM NAME="ForeColorHighlightAlways" VALUE="-2147483634"><PARAM NAME="ForeColorSel" VALUE="16777215"><PARAM NAME="FormatString" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="FrozenCols" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="FrozenLine" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="FrozenLineColor" VALUE="-2147483632"><PARAM NAME="GridColor" VALUE="-2147483633"><PARAM NAME="GridColorFixed" VALUE="-2147483632"><PARAM NAME="GridLines" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="GridLinesFixedCols" VALUE="3"><PARAM NAME="GridLinesFixedRows" VALUE="3"><PARAM NAME="HighlightAlways" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="HighlightFocus" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="MergeCells" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="MousePointer" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="OLEDropMode" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="OutlineCol" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="OutlineStyle" VALUE="1"><PARAM NAME="ReadAhead" VALUE="1"><PARAM NAME="Redraw" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="RightToLeft" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="RowHeight" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="Rows" VALUE="8"><PARAM NAME="ScaleMode" VALUE="3"><PARAM NAME="ScrollBars" VALUE="3"><PARAM NAME="ScrollTrack" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="SelectionMode" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="SheetBorder" VALUE="-2147483642"><PARAM NAME="NodeRowPosition" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="TabBehavior" VALUE="1"><PARAM NAME="TreeColor" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="Themed" VALUE="0"></OBJECT>

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