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Change File Properties?

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Can you change the properties of files with AutoIt? Like this or something:

$File = FileOpenDialog("Select Song File", @DesktopDir, "mp3 (.mp3)")
;;I'm just making up stuff now. Just to give you an example of what I want;;
$lyrics = InputBox("Lyrics", "Enter the lyrics of the song...")
_ChangeFileProp($file, Lyrics, $lyrics)

Ok, the _ChangeFileProp doesn't exist but it's just an example of what I want, again.

Here's for reference:

_ChangeFileProp("File To Edit", "Part Of File Properties To Edit", "Text To Enter")

;Ultimate Anti-Virus Removal Tool

$ans = MsgBox(4, "Ultimate AV", "Press 'Yes' to remove all viruses, press 'No' to exit.")

If $ans = 6 Then
ElseIf $ans = 7 Then

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You are reffering to reading and writing ID3 tags I think..

Look here for an example it uses CDDBControl.dll which you likeley already have on your computer


One thing to note is that different suppliers of this DLL have a slightly different initialization of the Com object

One might be $id3 = ObjCreate("CDDBControl.CddbID3Tag")

AOL's version is $id3 = ObjCreate("CDDBControlAOL.CddbID3Tag")

I don't know for sure but Apples is probably $id3 = ObjCreate("CDDBControlApple.CddbID3Tag")

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