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upload structure to memory

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I am using the following code:

include <constants.au3>

#Include <Misc.au3>

$string = InputBox('example string to send','please insert string')

Local $tempstruct = DllStructCreate('char[' & StringLen($string) + 1 & ']')


Local $MsgStruct = DllStructCreate("int;int")


DllStructSetData($MsgStruct,2,StringLen($string)+ 1)

$n = _sendmessage(WinGetHandle("magicHwnd"),$WM_COPYDATA,0,DllStructGetPtr($MsgStruct))

is there a way to upload the structure to start from a certain address in the momory?

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You are going to get a stack error no matter how you try that. You can't allocate random-size structures and try to send them to programs. Structures are exactly that, structured. They have exact sizes for each field and that cannot be changed. If you have info on the program you are trying to send to, that will help greatly.

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