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_winAPI_postmessage help

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can someone tell me if the _winAPI_PostMessage will send the win message to all open application this way?


$string = InputBox('example string to send','please insert string')

Local $tempstruct = DllStructCreate('char[' & StringLen($string) + 1 & ']')


Local $MsgStruct = DllStructCreate("int;int")


DllStructSetData($MsgStruct,2,StringLen($string)+ 1)

$n=_WinAPI_PostMessage($HWND_BROADCAST, $WM_COPYDATA, 0, DllStructGetPtr($MsgStruct))

$a=DllStructGetPtr ($MsgStruct)

MsgBox (0,"The message was sent,the pointer is at memory address:",$a)

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