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Avast! reports worm/virus on autoit wrapper (scite)

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OMG HAxorZ!!!!

Read the sticky about false positives on autoit...

Avast is a free antivirus program that has a light footprint.

Just report to Avast, and they will fix in the next def release.

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to get your ability to compile back, add the AutoIt

program folder and your compiled script location to Avast's exclusion list

to do this, right click on rotating blue ball tray icon

and select 'On-Acess Protection Control'

select 'Standard Shield', then 'Customize' button on right side

click 'Advanced' tab and add path to AutoIt to list of locations not to scan with resident scanner

E.G. "C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\*.*"

add your script locations as well as thats where compiled exe's will be output

unless set to different location in compiler directives

to prevent on demand scanning from scanning those locations you have to run

'Start Avast! Antivirus' from right click of tray icon or run from program manager group for Avast!

click 'Menu' at top left and select ' Settings' then 'Exclusions'

enter same paths you did for resident scan

this prevents these locations from being scanned during manual hard drive scanning

I see fascists...

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