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Working RC4 String Encryption

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A while back I posted an RC4 function, but it wasn't 100%. This was due to AutoIt not supporting NULs. Some additional work resulted in this itteration. To get around the NUL issue the function returns a HEX string rather than a character string. By the way this makes it easy to read/write encrypted text to/from the registry as REG_BINARY.

Test Code:

$pw = "~#[.ab!@MNmn6UVuv2-<EFef`$KLkl7&\XwABW{,CDcdx1+>}/GHgh9%]IJij8^|YZyz0=?*:OPop 5(""QRqr4);STst3_'"
$text = "AutoIt has been designed to work on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP and 2003."

$Encrypted = RC4($text, $pw, 0)
MsgBox(0,"Encrypted Text",$Encrypted)
$Decrypted = RC4($Encrypted, $pw, 1)
MsgBox(0,"Decrypted Text",$Decrypted)
MsgBox(0,"Original = Decrypted",$text = $Decrypted)

RC4 Function

Func RC4($Data, $Phrase, $Decrypt)
   Local $a, $b, $i, $j, $k, $cipherby, $cipher
   Local $tempSwap, $temp, $PLen
   Local $sbox[256], $key[256]
   $PLen = StringLen($Phrase)
   For $a = 0 To 255
      $key[$a] = Asc(StringMid($Phrase, Mod($a, $PLen) + 1, 1))
      $sbox[$a] = $a
   $b = 0
   For $a = 0 To 255
      $b = Mod( ($b + $sbox[$a] + $key[$a]), 256)
      $tempSwap = $sbox[$a]
      $sbox[$a] = $sbox[$b]
      $sbox[$b] = $tempSwap
   If $Decrypt Then
      For $a = 1 To StringLen($Data) Step 2
         $i = Mod(($i + 1), 256)
         $j = Mod(($j + $sbox[$i]), 256)
         $k = $sbox[Mod(($sbox[$i] + $sbox[$j]), 256)]
         $cipherby = BitXOR(Dec(StringMid($Data, $a, 2)), $k)
         $cipher = $cipher & Chr($cipherby)
      For $a = 1 To StringLen($Data)
         $i = Mod(($i + 1), 256)
         $j = Mod(($j + $sbox[$i]), 256)
         $k = $sbox[Mod(($sbox[$i] + $sbox[$j]), 256)]
         $cipherby = BitXOR(Asc(StringMid($Data, $a, 1)), $k)
         $cipher = $cipher & Hex($cipherby, 2)
   Return $cipher
EndFunc  ;==>RC4
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I don't get it, how do you use it?


His post shows how to use it. You have to use his function. Just like all UDF's (user defined functions). Look in the first code box. It shows you what to do. The second one just shows you how it works and gives you the code so you can implement it.


AutoIt Links

File-String Hash Plugin Updated! 04-02-2008 Plugins have been discontinued. I just found out.

ComputerGetInfo UDF's Updated! 11-23-2006

External Links

Vortex Revolutions Engineer / Inventor (Web, Desktop, and Mobile Applications, Hardware Gizmos, Consulting, and more)

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