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Hello everyone ... i realize dllcall function is important so i want to learn using it. I have minimal Knowledge of C so its kinda hard to learn how to apply it. I need 2 things:

1> how to find the functions stored in a dll? and their usage (variables that need to be passed to use it)

2> how to adapt/convert the code so i can call it with the dllcall function?

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Try DLL Export viewer

DLL Export Viewer - view exported functions list in Windows DLL

there is the M$ OLE/COM Viewer but you cant view all dll's with it

only those very few that have internal info on the methods (shell32.dll and msi.dll)

It's for OLE/COM Objects ActiveX '.ocx' TypeLib .tlb

I used it for a dll I have and it revealed more info than DLL Export Viewer on methods

most dont have the extra info though

mentioned in help file under 'Obj/COM Reference'

Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools for administrative tasks

OLE/COM Object Viewer (oleview.exe)

That should get you started, the more experienced users on the site could

perhaps point you to some learning resources.

my knowledge on this is very limited but I've managed to make a few dll calls

Problem calling NetMessageBufferSend in netapi32.dll

DllCall --> GetGuiResources returns bad/empty data?

that are not already documented on this forum, so keep reading forum posts on DLLCalls and experiment

MSDN Library and The Codeproject sites are also a good resource

I see fascists...

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