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I've got a web page that controls various virtual machines used for testing (the page allows starting stopping, copying and reinitializing the VMs) I'd like to automate some functions (One click checks to see if VM X is up, if not starts it, then starts a VNC session to connect)

As the controlling web page was written entirely using POSTs rather than GETs I'd like to send POST data.

As far as I can tell without reinventing the wheel (ie: handling the sockets myself) there doesn't appear to be an easy way to do so.

Changing the web page to accept parameters in the URL wouldn't be a huge undertaking, but there are a couple other places I'd like to be able to use POST data from AutoIT where I don't have direct control over the target web server. I could go with Perl or Python (or.. or.. or..) , but thought I'd see if i could toss it together under AutoIT first.

(I tried searching the forums, but using "POST" as a search term really didn't work that well)

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