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How can I emulate a click on this image?

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I am attempting to automate the log in to a site, that involves clicking on a submit button.

However the button has no name and I am at a bit of a loss how to emulate the click.

Here is an extract of the relevant form:

<form action="/M/home.mc" method="post" id="ism_home_login" target="_top">


<label for="user_name">Username: </label>

<input type="text" class="text" id="user_name" name="user_name" />



<label for="password">Password: </label>

<input type="password" class="text" id="password" name="password" />


<input type="hidden" name="FPL|login_cb" />

<input type="hidden" name="NextPage" value="/M/myteam.mc" />

<input type="image" value="Go" class="ism_submit" onclick="this.style.visibility='hidden'" src="/images/fpl/2007/go.gif" />




Thanks for any help.

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