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Weird ExcelCOM_UDF and character problem

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I got a bit of a weird problem.

I have made a script to extract custom properties values out of files using dsofile.dll.

The weird thing, is that when I extract the properties and put them into a excel workbook using ExcelCOM_UDF some of the characters are displayed as another character then the one you see in the custom properties tab of the file.

Example could be the following:

:: Original

CustomProperties.Name = Beskriv

CustomProperties.Value = ø45x65

:: In a text file using FileOpen / FileWriteLinie it will look like this in notepad

Name = Beskriv

Value = ø45x65

:: But in the excel workbook it looks like this

Name = Beskriv

Value = ø45x65

It seems that all danish characters like ÆØÅ and æøå are "converted" to "rubbish", but the really weird think is that I at the same time writes values from a ini file to create the "layout" of the excel workbook, and the danish characters from the ini file, is NOT being "converted", they look as the should.

I use ExcelCOM_UDF to create all entries in the Excel Workbook.

See the below code snippet:

For $i = 1 to $aFiles[0]

$sCurrentFile = $aFiles[$i]

If StringLen($sCurrentFile) > 35 Then

_InfoTxt("Adding data from: ..." & StringRight($sCurrentFile, 35))


_InfoTxt("Adding data from: " & $sCurrentFile)


$sCurrentRow = $i + 1

_ExcelWriteCell($oExcel, $sCurrentFile, $sCurrentRow, 1)

If not FileExists($sCurrentFile) Then

MsgBox(4096, "CustomProperties - ERROR", "Error occurred, Could not find " & $sCurrentFile & @CRLF & "The program will abort.")



$oDocument = $oPropertyReader.GetDocumentProperties($sCurrentFile)

If Not $odocument.IsReadOnly Then

$oCustomProperties = $odocument.CustomProperties

For $ia = 1 to $aFileProperties[0][0]

$sProperty = $aFileProperties[$ia][1]

For $strProperty in $oCustomProperties

If $strProperty.Name = $sProperty Then

_ExcelNumberFormat($oExcel, "@", $sCurrentRow, $ia + 1, $sCurrentRow, $ia + 1)

_ExcelWriteCell($oExcel, $strProperty.Value, $sCurrentRow, $ia + 1) ;<-- This gives ø32x220 for some af the values

$testFile = FileOpen(@ScriptDir & "\test.txt", 1+8)

FileWriteLine($testFile, $strProperty.Value) ;<--- This give ø32x220 for the same values






MsgBox(4096, "CustomProperties - ERROR", "Error occurred, the file : " & @CRLF & $sCurrentFile & @CRLF & " is readonly and will be skipped.")



I hope some one can help me find out why this is happening.



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