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clueless(complete novice)

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I like to play poker at FullTilt Poker.

They have a series of tournements "Poker After Dark" that only allows 180 or 360 players.

To register for one of these tournements you wait in a lobby until the tournement flashes on the menu.

You then must double click on the tourney which sends you to the tournement lobby.

You then have to move your mouse up to a "register" button and left click

then you have to move the mouse to a "buy in" button & click

then that sends you to an "OK" button whch you click and you are then registered.

When the site is busy, as it most usually is, These tournements are filled within a few seconds.

Sometimes I get to play but most of the time I don't because I'm disabled and not very co-ordinated.

SO!!! Can AutoIt help me make these mouse movements and clicks so that I can play?

AND! If it can; how do I start?

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Hello.. I Could Most Likely Help You But.. You Would Have To Add Me On MSN At 'maxell225@hotmail.com'

I have a hotmail address also arjuna4243@hotmail.com but I don't ever use it

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The AutoIt Help File is very good for beginners, there are a few Tutorials.

I think the only Functions u need are

MouseClick ( "button" [, x, y [, clicks [, speed ]]] )


PixelChecksum ( left, top, right, bottom [, step] )

to check if the Button is available

Check with a loop if the Button is available and if yes, react with a MouseClick() to the right place.

To know at what position the mouse is, u can use the tool AutoIt Window Info...

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