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Guest CraftHell8000

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Guest CraftHell8000

Can someone tell me how top integrate a script where it like writes info into a text file, or something and sends to a ftp or emails it to something/me and tells me thei nformation or what the person is doing? its not being used for a bad thing it so i can know that the script will be working and if like errors or something heppens i can be nottified write away and fix..

I added a autoupdater.. (grabs the version from the site.. and checks with current, if the vesion off site is newer it will automaticly download and restart..)

But newayz plz help... :)

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Guest Py7|-|[]/\/

Well, that would be pretty hard to do because of the Email thing... You would need to take into account the user's email adress, password, and type of emai l account, yahoo, thunderbird, etc.

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I use bmail for notification with my scripts. You could look into both Blat and Bmail. They are both good programs.


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File-String Hash Plugin Updated! 04-02-2008 Plugins have been discontinued. I just found out.

ComputerGetInfo UDF's Updated! 11-23-2006

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