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Newbie Array Question

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I am a newbie & tried to creat a script that backs up client lotus notes files. The first part of the script works but I can't get it to filecopy from the array. It seems to creat the location but wont read the destination.

Any help would be appreciated. I tried to coment it as much as possible.

If ProcessExists("nlnotes.exe") = 1 then; is notes running, if so have user close


MsgBox(16, "Notes", "Please close Lotus Notes & Click OK to Continue?")

Until ProcessExists("nlnotes.exe") = 0


$tdm=@MON&@MDAY&@HOUR&@MIN; make var with time day month for backup location in next line

$dc=DirCreate("c:\notesbac\"&$tdm&"\notes\data\mail\"); see above

$fp="c:\notesbac\"&$tdm&"\notes\data\mail\"; make location a var

$uname=InputBox("Notes Users Name?", "What Is The Users Name?", "LastF", "", -1, -1, 0, 0); check for user name for mail file

if FileExists ("d:\Notes\notes.ini") then ; sometimes we get a crashed drive & need to sister it to a working system

$drive="D:"; this would be the location of the crashed drive's mail file




$bd=MsgBox(36, "Backup Drive", "Is The Source Drive "&$drive&" ?", ); askes if location is correct

if $bd = 7 then exit

Dim $n[9] [9]; sets up file location to get files & put files

$n[0] = "\Notes\notes.ini"

$n[1] = "\Notes\Data\bookmark.nsf"

$n[2] = "\Notes\Data\desktop5.dsk"

$n[3] = "\Notes\Data\gabdircat.nsf"

$n[4] = "\Notes\Data\headline.nsf"

$n[5] = "\Notes\Data\names.nsf"

$n[6] = "\Notes\Data\perweb.nsf"

$n[7] = "\Notes\Data\user.id"

$n[8] = "\Notes\Data\Mail\"&$uname&".nsf"

For $cnt = 0 TO 8; roll through array


MsgBox(16, "pass # "&$cnt, "c:\notesbac\"&$tdm&"\") ; for tshooting

If $fe = 1 Then

MsgBox(16, $fe, "file exist"); for tshooting

MsgBox(16, "location ", $bul); for tshooting


If $fc = 0 Then

MsgBox(16, "ERROR"&$cnt, "Please contact the BSA or helpdedsk? Closing Script.")





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