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AutoIt doesn't detect HotKeys in other full screen windows?

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hi there,

I have a problem with my set hotkeys. The problem is that the script doesn't detect the specified keystroke when when the current window is in full screen.

For example on the desktop it works. And I know that it should work cause I have some tools for SRO (Silkroad Online) where you have to press some keys in the full screen of the game.

On top of that my tooltips aren't shown in the full screen mode of tha game.

Now my Question:

What do I have to do to show tooltips and let detect keys in the game window. Or is this problem cause of the game.

pls help me

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do you do something special to show the tooltips while the game is running?

I use only this...


The standard...

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I'm looking for a solution too.

If I'm not mistaken, its directx that blocking hotkeys.

In AHK it could be simply resolved by inserting #InstallKeybdHook in the script.

Anyway do same in AU3?

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