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Network Safe

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Programs like filemaker 7 will not run if another computer on the network has the same license... hmmm maybe i should make the 15 second wait in an ini file... ok i will update today when i get home.

works on windows 2000/xp

64bit edition will be done in a few days

just make the first parameter the executable.


you need to have devcon in the same directory for now.

you can get devcon Here

If $cmdline[0]=0 then
msgbox(0,"ERROR","Incorrect parameters")
ProgressOn ("Progress","Network Safe","Disabling Network Devices",-1,-1,1)
Runwait(@comspec & " /c " & '"' & @ScriptDir & '\devcon.exe" disable =net *pci*',"",@SW_HIDE)
ProgressSet (25, "Starting application", "Network Safe")
Run('"' & $Cmdline[1] & '"',"")
ProgressSet (50, "Waiting for application", "Network Safe")
ProgressSet (75, "Enabling network devices", "Network Safe")
Runwait(@comspec & " /c " & '"' & @ScriptDir & '\devcon.exe" enable =net *pci*',"",@SW_HIDE)
ProgressSet (100, "Reconecting to network", "Network Safe")
$i=runwait(@comspec & " /c " & "ping yahoo.com","",@SW_HIDE)
until $i=0
ProgressSet (100, "Network connection established", "Network Safe")
ProgressOff ()

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