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Simple Questens "Loop send command"

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i work at a bot for a game

the funny thing is that i can use a autoattack skill ingame

so all what i have to do is press a number like 1 ^^

and he does all.

so i want to make a small programm for it =)

MsgBox(0, "----MTP--Programm-V 1.0----", "run now?")


Sleep (5000)


( I need a delay so 5000 is fine)

so i want to Loop this send command can someone please help me out?

thank you . :)

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Keyword Reference



Loop based on an expression.




Until <expression>


Do...Until statements may be nested.

The expression is tested after the loop is executed, so the loop will be executed one or more times.


ContinueLoop, ExitLoop, While...WEnd, For...Next


$i = 0


MsgBox(0, "Value of $i is:", $i)

$i = $i + 1

Until $i = 10

Or... you could hit "1" yourself... lay down and nap for 5 seconds... get up... hit "1" again... lay down for another nap... get up... hit "1" again...

Really... are games fun when you play this way? :)

By the way... welcome to the forum.

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