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I am working on a script that will lock a users PC after a password change through a VPN program. When a users password has expired the VPN program will prompt the user with a dialog box saying they must change their password. Below is my current script and it works somewhat. What I need to know is if the user clicked OK or Cancel on the password change dialog. After the program connects it automatically minimizes to the tray, I also need to know when it does that. Are their functions that I can use that will accomplish this? Is there a better way to write this script to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.

AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

Dim $wasPrompted

WinWaitActive("User Authentication", "confirm1", 600) //Wait for password change box

//Need something here to know if user click OK or Cancel

$wasPrompted = True

WinWaitNotActive("User Authentication", "", 600)

//Need something here to catch when the program minimizes

if $wasPrompted Then

MsgBox(64, "Remote password change.", "You have changed your password remotely with the VPN client." & @CRLF & "Your machine will now be locked to complete the validation process." & @CRLF & "To unlock your PC use your new password.")

Run("rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation", @SystemDir)


MsgBox(64, "No prompt")


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Why is everyone into locking their computers these days?

When a user changes their password remotely one way to update the cached credentials on their machine is to lock and unlock it with the new password.

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