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_Date_Time Functions failing to return DateTime

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I need to be able to process subdirectories in a build directory to determine which dir has the latest date/timestamp. I have tried the following code:

I created C:\test\47, c:\test\48, C:\test\49 (all directories) and C:\test\50 ( a file)

I then try:

#include <data.au3>

#include <Array.au3>

$file="C:\test\47" ; This is a directory

$fileHandle1=_WinAPI_CreateFile($file1, 2, 2) ; Opening in read mode

$aTime1=_Date_Time_GetFileTime($fileHandle1) ; Trying to get date/time info

_ArrayDisplay($aTime1, "ATime1") ; Produces a spreadsheet of three empty elements

_WinAPI_CloseHandle($fileHandle1) ;Produces an error that the handle is invalid

I'm not tied to this code but nothing I have tried is returning data/timestamps for directory entries. Any help would be appreciated.

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