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DerBen's Digital Dancer

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DDR like game..


-You need a USB DDR compatible dance mat.. or a dancemat for a game console with a usb adapter. I'm guessing anything that says DDR compatible means it should work.. I obtained my PS2 mat and adapter off ebay for around $30 CDN total.

-You also need music, usually MP3's work nice and don't take up too much room. Unless, of course, you prefer to dance to silence.

-Will not work with a joystick.. (not without modification, feel free, Thumb Dance Revolution!)

-Mat needs to be game device one, or the only game device plugged in.

-Works best at screen resolution 800x600

Images are NOT from this release!

Zip includes: Compiled EXE, source, images, readme and working Sound.au3

Suggestions welcome.

(THANKS to the people who submitted the joystick routine I used, and the forum for suggestions, even if not directly)

Have fun!

Arrows are not synchronized to the beat.. this is a nearly impossible task.. with all the varieties of mp3 files, to me anyway. However, there is a beat mode where the arrows only move when you press them which in turn will allow you to dance to the beat. There are no -life bars- just dancing :) I can add a playlist-folder option to keep the music coming if anyone would like this.. along with a pause function.


PS if someone really clever wanted to figure out a quick beat finder for mp3 files.. (Audacity has a beat finder function, I found it inaccurate) I'm sure I could find a way to add it :P



Edited by DerBen

Umm, if anyone cares.. I have a website at http://ctg3d.tk where I put other free downloads, as I get time.

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