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FileInstall problems

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Has anyone come across the following issue with fileinstall()

I am getting an issue when recompiling the .exe after replacing a file that was origionally in this location.

I have tried deleting the current .exe and even renaming the .au3.

Basically the file in included but not the correct file - it simply includes the original copy of the file ???????????

any ideas


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Did you recompiled?

Some code?

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This was recompiled - that is what is confusing - its like its caching the origional file somewhere..

code as follows


Opt("TrayIconHide", 0)

Opt("WinDetectHiddenText", 0)

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

Opt("SendCapslockMode", 0)

Opt("TrayIconDebug", 1)

Opt("RunErrorsFatal", 1)

RunAsSet("********", "ead", "*******")

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

; Define Variables

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Global $cdrom

Global $nuquotes

Global $cdrom_notExist

Global $incorrect_cd

Global $already

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

IF NOT FileExists("c:\fsafix.txt") Then

IF FileExists("c:\trigold\tssv2.exe") Then

Msgbox(0, "FSA Update", " IT will now apply FSA fixes, Please exit All applications as your " & @LF & " machine will automatically reboot upon completion Press 'ok' to continue")





; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


SplashTextOn ("FSA Fixes", "Copying Files, Please wait as this may take a few minutes", 500, 20, -1 ,-1 ,1 ,"" ,"" ,"600")

FileInstall("C:\includes\ffsrcetc.r", "C:\preview4\", 1)

FileInstall("C:\includes\perlpsdc.r", "C:\preview4\", 1)

FileInstall("C:\includes\docview.exe", "C:\trigold\",1)

FileInstall("C:\includes\TrigoldCase.dll", "C:\trigold\",1)

FileInstall("C:\includes\FFDInMap.Map", "C:\trigold\",1)

FileInstall("C:\includes\FFDOutMap.Map", "C:\trigold\",1)

FileInstall("C:\includes\forms.exe", "C:\trigold\",1)

FileInstall("C:\includes\insurance.dll", "C:\trigold\",1)

FileInstall("C:\includes\kfiwizard.dll", "C:\trigold\",1)

FileInstall("C:\includes\trigoldCompDocs.dll", "C:\trigold\",1)

FileInstall("C:\includes\tssv2.exe", "C:\trigold\",1)

FileInstall("C:\includes\register.bat", "C:\trigold\",1)

Sleep (5000)

Run ("C:\trigold\register.bat")

Winwait("RegSvr32", "DllRegisterServer in c:\trigold\insurance.dll succeeded")

WinActivate("RegSvr32", "DllRegisterServer in c:\trigold\insurance.dll succeeded")

WinwaitActive("RegSvr32", "DllRegisterServer in c:\trigold\insurance.dll succeeded")

Send ("{ENTER}")

Winwait("RegSvr32", "DllRegisterServer in c:\trigold\kfiwizard.dll succeeded.")

WinActivate("RegSvr32", "DllRegisterServer in c:\trigold\kfiwizard.dll succeeded.")

WinwaitActive("RegSvr32", "DllRegisterServer in c:\trigold\kfiwizard.dll succeeded.")

Send ("{ENTER}")

Winwait("RegSvr32", "DllRegisterServer in c:\trigold\TrigoldCase.dll succeeded")

WinActivate("RegSvr32", "DllRegisterServer in c:\trigold\TrigoldCase.dll succeeded")

WinwaitActive("RegSvr32", "DllRegisterServer in c:\trigold\TrigoldCase.dll succeeded")

Send ("{ENTER}")

Winwait("RegSvr32", "DllRegisterServer in c:\trigold\trigoldCompDocs.dll succeeded")

WinActivate("RegSvr32", "DllRegisterServer in c:\trigold\trigoldCompDocs.dll succeeded")

WinwaitActive("RegSvr32", "DllRegisterServer in c:\trigold\trigoldCompDocs.dll succeeded")

Send ("{ENTER}")

Sleep (2000)



Msgbox(0, "FSA Update", "The Update is complete. Your PC will now reboot, Please press 'ok' to continue ")

FileInstall ("C:\includes\fsafix.txt", "C:\", 1)




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Ok - I think we solved it...

Overwrite flag comes in handy when used ...


i`m with stupid

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It means that you didn't delete the file at the script end. You should.

The Func OnAutoItExit is handy for this. :)

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