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XP / Vista coordinates are different?

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Hey I am checking some specific pixels for colors, but it will only find the right place in a vista environment... in xp the same coords is a little higher and more to the left than in vista...

How come, and how can I fix this???

I experienced the same when constructing the gui for the app... using $WS_SYSMENU... There I just added 25 p to the hight, and 5 to the width...


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Ya I use that allready... opt(pixelcoordmode, 0) and opt(mousecoordmode, 0)...

I found a thread that told me that it was because of the aero interface in vista being different than the other OS'es in some way... Im just looking for a way to fix that... A way I have though off could be to get the os-version and, if its vista with aero enabled, adjust the coords in some way... It's just a pain... It would be much easier if there was a way to fix it....

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