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:^/ WinGetText and WinDetectHiddenText aren't enough....

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:^/ As with most AutoIt projects, my project is intended to automate routine, repetative functions. I've tested in extensively at home, but at work there is an uxpected hurdle.

The application at work will pop up numberous input requestors, and my script is able to recognize them by their titles, then to send the appropriate data and keystrokes to anwser them. They all seem to work well except for one. It asks the user to make a decision based upon information presented in the requestor. I've read in other threads on this board how to capture text from the window, then to parse it with StringLeft, StringRight, StringMid, and so on. I've even read threads that discuss capturing hidden text. However, that's not enough.

You see, I brought AutoIt Window Info to bear on that mutant requestor, and it seems that the requestor in question has no visible nor hidden text. Mind you, I can read it just as plain as day with my human eyes, but the text isn't classified as either visible nor hidden.

Is there a third class of text? If so, how would I get AutoIt to read it?

This hurdle is critical; without being able to capture and analyze the text, my AutoIt project cannot determine whether to stop or keep going, and that's a major shortcoming.

Thanks in advance.

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