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Help getting characters at a certain position in a string.

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Okay, problem I have been having and can't seem to fix.

Im scripting in autoit and I have a string that looks like this

$string1= 10010100

Basically I need to reverse the string and later do other things with it, the easiest way to do this would to be able to get the value at a specified position in the string eg get it so that $value3 would equal 0 and $value6 would equal 1

Just as Im typing this it occured to me, would it be better to use an array with 8 single digit values and call the specified value from the array


$array[0] = 1

$array[1] = 0

$position2 = $array[1]


Thanks very much in advance for any help. :)

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Edit: By the way... welcome to the forum.

Your a star, thanks very much! :)

And thanks for the warm welcome aswell ^^

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